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Home Builders,
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Financing For You To Build, Financing For Buyers To Help You Sell!


At Open House Mortgage Corporation, DBA New Homes Mortgage, Our goal is to help you achieve your goas! That is why we work with a  variety of Investors and Lenders offering Spec home financing to help you build, and we also work with a wide network of lenders with a wide array of special loan programs designed specifically for buyers of new construction or newly built homes to help you sell. Many of the loan programs include extended mortgage interest rate lock options designed to accomodate construction schedules. With access to such a wide array of loan programs, we are sure to be able to assist you with just about every type of buyer you may have. 

We offer Fast FREE Loan Pre-qualifications and approvals so that your sales teams can sell with confidence, knowing that the prospective new home buyer has been well pre-qualified by us and that we will work diligently with all parties concerned to assure ontime closing on each and every home. Contact us today to find out more about how we can be helping you achieve your goals!