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Yes owning a home can be very rewarding in many ways such as in acquiring equity and building net worth. Let us help you find the right affordable mortgage loan while also taking steps to help make your home buying experience more pleasant. At Open House Mortgage, our goal is to help you achieve your goals! Apply Online Now.

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Lower your monthly payments or pay off your mortgage quicker! Reduce your interest rate and save! You may go from a 30 year mortgage to a 15 year mortgage or less! We offer a FREE Mortgage review service to help home owners review their mortgage to determine if they will benefit from refinancing. Contact us today!

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Need cash and own a house? Contact us to see if we can help you get cash out of your house either by helping you obtain a Refinance Cash out loan, or if you are 62 or older, we can help you get cash out of your house by helping you obtain a Reverse mortgage.

The One-Stop-Shop for Mortgage Loan Programs!™

Apply Now to get pre-approved or if your loan has been denied by another lender, contact us for a second look. We have access to many Lenders and hundreds of loan programs. We keep track of the latest Mortgage Loan Solutions to help clients like you find the right loan program. Think of us as “The One-Stop-Shop for Mortgage Loan Programs!™” We get people approved that many other companies cannot. Let us help you find the right loan program, get approved and close on time. Click Here to view some of our most popular loan programs.

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