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Fast Free Loan Approvals With A Commitment To On-Time Closings!

Closing deals on time is one of the things we are building our reputaion on. Upon receiving each clients loan application, we pull and review the clients credit to see if there are any issues; check debt to income ratios; we contact the client to obtain and verify other information, quickly process the client's loan to get the client Pre-Approved; keep you in the loop with open communications during the entire process, and send you a Pre-Approval letter you can attach to offers with confidence, knowing that the client is already pre-approved and your deal will close on-time.


FREE Credit Repair Assistance: 

Credit issues are tops among reasons why a transaction may not close ontime. That is one of the reasons why we offer  Free Credit Repair Assistance guidance as part of the Pre-Approval process if a borrower needs it. If you have a client looking to get a loan to buy, or a client you know their credit is less than perfect, tell them about our Free Credit Repair Assistance service. We can help review each of their three credit reports (from Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union) for errors, offer guidance regarding disputes, and also credit scores improvement analysis. It is a Free service and a proactive way of dealing with credit issues and repairing their credit before you start spending time helping them find a home. 


Sponsorship of Open House Events 

If you are a listing Agent holding an Open House, we can help sponsor your open house events and offer Fast Free loan pre-qualifications for potential buyers. Partner with us and let us start helping you help your clients. Contact us today.